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How does Intensive Driver Training work?
To get started with local intensive driver training, simply download our app, or give our team a call on 0207 125 0298. You can email us at and we can discuss your personal needs. The normal process is:

  • Find an instructor and agree a start date with your instructor
  • Agree on the number of instructor-led hours each day (normally between 3-6 hours each day)
  • Pay your deposit to secure your booking
  • Start your lessons with your driving instructor picking you up from your preferred location
  • At the end of your lessons (normally on a Friday afternoon), undertake your driving test, in the same vehicle in which you learned with your instructor
Do I need insurance to be able to take driving lessons?
No, you are fully insured by Local IDT.
Are all vehicles properly insured with an up-to-date MOT?
Yes, we take great pride in ensuring your vehicles are fully insured and safe. You have our commitment that you will never be asked to take a lesson in one of our cars that is not insured, with a valid a MOT and kept in the best condition possible.
Do I have to book my own driving test?
No, we have access to fast-track bookings and will usually get your test booked for the last day of your intensive driving lessons. We will book this for you, on a date and time that suits you.
Do I need a license to undertake driving lessons?
Yes, you must have a provisional driving license to learn to drive with LIDT.
Are all your instructors qualified?
Yes, they are Driver and Vehicles Standard Agency (DVSA) fully qualified Approved Driving Instructors (ADI) with very high customer satisfaction ratings from previous learner drivers.
What if I don't get on with my instructor, can I change?
Ultimately, at LIDT, we want you to be happy and pass your test. Please talk to us so that we can understand and address any concerns you may have and make alternative arrangements.
Are my test fees included in the price?
Yes, your test fees are reflected in your cost.
What if I already have a test booked?
No problem, we can deduct the test cost from your overall lessons/programme cost.
How much time should I allow for the theory test?
There are around 1,000 questions in the theory test database, we recommend at least 20 hours of studying. The theory test itself takes around an hour.
Can LIDT help with my theory test?
Yes, we will give you free access to the premium version of the Theory Test Pro App, so you can study on your mobile. If you find some of the questions confusing or need more clarification, just discuss these with your instructor during your lesson. Remember, our aim at LIDT is to help you pass!
What if I fail my driving test?
You can continue to use the hours you have booked with your driving instructor, who will help you revise the areas you failed.

Whilst we are happy to rebook and fast-track your driving test, you will be liable for the additional test fee.
Do I have to wait to re-sit my driving test?
Yes, there is a compulsory 3 day waiting period before you can re-sit the driving test.
Some of your competitors take 2 – 3 months to book a test, is Local IDT the same?
No, we can fast-track your test booking date and will ensure this is available when you are ready to take your test.
What if you cannot get me a fast-track driving test on a Friday?
We will fast-track a test on another date and time that works for you.
What if I have a license from another country and I'm an experienced driver, how can you help me pass my test in the UK?
There are several parts to this question:

  1. If you have a full license from another country, then you need to check with the DVLA to see if your licence can be exchanged for a full UK licence. Please tap this link for more information.
  2. If you cannot exchange your licence, then you may be able to drive for up to 12 months on your foreign licence.
  3. You must apply for a provisional licence if you intend to learn to drive and pass the UK driving test if your foreign cannot be exchanged.
  4. You'll need to pass the theory test and practical test to get a Great Britain issued driving licence.
Do you offer driving instruction in both manual and automatic cars?
Yes, we can offer training in either car type.
I'm a driving instructor, can I use your fast-track test booking process?
Yes, we are all in the same industry and are happy to help. There will be a small administration fee, simply give us a call on 02071 250298 and we will happily help.
Can you provide driver training in my own vehicle?
Yes, we can allocate one of our driving instructors to train you on your vehicle. However, this is subject to instructor availability. Please call us to for more information.
Once I've passed my test, I feel I would like some further refresher lessons, can you help?
Yes, we are more than happy to help, our aim is to give you the skills to drive safely for life, simply give us a call and we can book you in and arrange a programme tailor-made for your needs.
If I recommend a friend, will they get a discount?
Just give us a call on 02071 250298 and we are happy to discuss with your our 'recommend a friend' scheme.
I'm a company and would like to offer your services to my employees, is this possible?
Yes, we would love to talk to you, we offer discount schemes for companies, dependant on your size and need, just give our team a call on 020 7125 0298, we would love to talk to you.
Do you offer a mobile App?
Yes, we are proud to have the industries #1 Learner Driver Mobile App which has been designed to help you throughout your driving lessons. Click on the following link to learn more.

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