Tesla Experience

We are very excited to introduce the newest addition to our fleet – The Tesla Model 3!

Take charge of the future of driving! Become confident with the emerging and electrifying technology as you quietly cruise around in style. Enter the world of self-navigation in the Tesla Experience for adult or teen drivers, learn about basic operation, charging, and other features of the car while driving the new Tesla Includes a photo op! Bring a friend and share the experience!

Our Tesla Model 3 has lightning quick acceleration and impressive handling! This course walks a driver of any age through the amazing electric vehicle taking the world by storm. Looking for a great gift or surprise? Invite a guest to ride along or join in on the fun!

*Note* – Tesla driving lessons will be available from September 2022. Please register your interest by emailing us at INFO@LIDT.CO.UK

Tesla is a registered trademark of Tesla Motors, Inc.

Tesla Model 3 Interior

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