EV (Electric Vehicle) Driving Lessons

Be a part of the Sustainable Future with Electric Vehicles at LIDT

Be a part of the Sustainable Future with Electric Vehicles at LIDT

Driving is an essential part of the general framework of life skills. To be a part of the future and to make a prosperous tomorrow as an adult, one has to have the right knowledge of driving. At LIDT, one does not get just EV driving lessons but can also be a responsible driver who keeps the environment a priority by using Electric Vehicles. However, we agree that finding the certified and finest instructor to learn to drive an EV is a task in itself. Worry not, at LIDT, we have got you covered.


Get EV Car Driving Lessons with LIDT

With our EV Intensive driving course, we at LIDT have a creative approach to teaching you how to drive. Our instructors are well versed in the strategies for effective teaching so that you grasp the maximum knowledge from LIDT’s EV driving crash course. With decades of experience, we have tucked a lot of tricks and tips up our sleeves in terms of acing the driving experience in the minimal time frame possible.

Holistic Approach Towards Driving

We at LIDT believe in imparting knowledge with an aim to create competent future drivers. Thus, we guide our learners about the instant torque(instant response), the surge of speed, vehicle set-up and the green earth initiative while driving in an EV. We want our learners to understand the need to give a chance to electric vehicles as they work on renewable energy and are good for the environment. As the EVs use energy generated from solar, wind and water sources, it is also commercial and sustainable. Gasoline used in typical vehicles is in fact non-renewable and gives out emissions harmful to the environment. Planning to swap already?

Why choose LIDT?

LIDT qualified Approved Driving Instructors are the best ones out there if you want to learn how to drive. They are monitored and examined by the DVSA(Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) on a regular basis for high standards. We understand that many driving schools take advantage by charging high fees and below quality services. However, we at LIDT, extend our services to help you pass the test in EV and hit the road as the sun shines. We aim to cater to all your needs and requirements by the use of advanced technology tailored for adaptive learning. Sharpen this life skill with us, both on and off-road. LIDT instructors will assist you to build confidence and improve consequently by curating the lectures and classes as per your timings and requirements. Enjoy driving like never before. Plan a trip in your EV with a valid driving license and be the responsible citizen that you are.

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